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The water at Folsom Lake is up and boaters are out taking advantage of the nice warm days that we have been enjoying these past few weeks. Right now Folsom lake has good water and all of our ramps are in operation. Parking is always in short supply when the lake is up and the weather is nice. Due to lack of parking spaces, we often have to close the Brown's Ravine launch ramp before 1:00 p.m. each weekend and many other sections of the Folsom Lake State Parks have the same problem. To help ease our parking problems we ask that all vehicles without trailers park in the single car parking spaces. If none are open, please park behind a single parked vehicle, not along side. Vehicles with trailers should always park using only one parking lane. Please take the time to park correctly. If you take two spaces, you will be denying someone the use of Folsom Lake for that day. Not sure how longer the boating season will last, but things look a lot better today, than they did on April 1. Boaters should plan to get to the lake as early as possible to be assured of getting a parking space. If you show up to the lake at 1:00 p.m. on a hot weekend day, do not be surprise to see a "Ramp Closed" sign at the entrance.

Please note that a State Park pass or a Day Use Ticket will only get you into the park when there is available parking.

Launching Ramp Procedures

There are proper launch procedures to be observed when launching and retrieving a boat.(Ramp Procedure) On weekends boaters start launching early and our ramp is usually busy all day. The hours between 4:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. are usually the busiest with boaters both retrieving and launching boats. Your boating experience will be more enjoyable if you can avoid the ramp during these hours. Please take the time to read and follow the procedure we use here at Brown's Ravine. Please do not leave the boat tied to the ramp courtesy dock when getting the trailer. If you do not have a qualified person to operate the boat while you are getting the trailer, tie it in a courtesy slip next to the ramp. Once the trailer is in the water, move the boat to the ramp. If a boater ties to a dock at the ramp and then gets in line behind 10 other vehicles, they have closed that lane down until it is their turn to retrieve the boat. No boater has the right to jump to the front of the line just because their boat is tied to the dock blocking a lane. Once the boat is out of the water, move away from the ramp and to a location where you are not blocking traffic. We do not want to see a great day of boating ruined by a bad experience at the launching ramp. If everyone follows our simple "Ramp Procedures", our ramp would operate a lot better. You will  bring a lot of different things when coming to Folsom Lake, but the most important things to bring are "Patience and Courtesy". Enjoy your time at Folsom Lake and help others enjoy theirs.

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