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Sunday, August 26th - Pull Date
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Hobie Cove ramp is now in operation and we are asking day use boaters to use this ramp. The launching and parking is a lot easier in Hobie Cove. Our main launching ramp is being used by slip renters to pull their boats and store them in our parking lots. While we are still hopeful we will make Sunday, August 26th, it could be sooner. The lake is currently dropping about 3/4 of foot a day. If this rate does not increase, we should just make the 26th before we hit elevation 412'. Renters are already pulling their boats and putting them in their assigned parking space. Any renter without an assigned space should stop by the marina office to pick one. Please do not leave your boat in a space that has not been assigned to you.

412'is the elevation that renters must have the boats removed and everyone should keep checking the lake's elevation for any increases in the out flow. Any renters who will be away from the area the last half of August, should remove the boat before they leave. The lake will continue to drop fast after 412' and the marina does not have the ability to store boats in the water. We will keep this page updated with any changes in the situation, but I do not expect that any change will be good news.

The lake is still very usable after boats are removed from the slip. State Parks do not place a 5 m.p.h. speed limit on the entire lake until it reaches elevation 400'. If the lake continues to drop at the same rate it is now, this should not happen until after the Labor Day weekend.

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