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Granite Bay and Brown's Ravine low water ramps are both open.

Speed Limit on entire lake is 5 miles per hour


Folsom Lake is below elevation 400' and a 5 mile per hour speed limit is in effect for the entire lake. The lake has reached it high point and is currently slow going down. The Hobie Cove ramp at Brown's Ravine is the only operational ramp at this time. The fenced consturction area has been removed and the parking lot is now fully open. Be advised that State Parks has a boat on the water and is strickly enforcing the lake's speed limit. Rocks and islands that have not been seen for years are now producing hazards. Never dive into water that you have not checked first for dangers just below the surface. This is a simple task that can prevent a real tragedy.   

Click this link to see Folsom Lake Elevation. This page will be updated as we receive more information. If you have a question, please send us an E-mail.

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