Folsom Lake Marina

“Launching Ramp Procedures”

Each year our ramp use seems to keep growing and with the use, the wait can be long and upsetting. In an effort to help keep the launching and retrieving of boats moving, we have come up with a set of procedures for our ramp. If everyone will follow these guidelines, it should reduce waiting time in line at the ramp.

Putting the boat in the water.

1. Have your boat, gear, & passengers prepared and ready for launch as much a possible.

2. Place your boat in the water and immediately move the boat to a courtesy dock or have another member move it into the open water in order to free the dock for the next boat.

3. Park your vehicle and trailer in a designated spot, return to your boat and enjoy you day.

Taking the boat out of the water

1. Park your boat at a courtesy dock, or have a member of the group dropped off to retrieve the vehicle and trailer, while the boat remains in the open water.

2. Go to the END of the line, wait for your turn and then place your trailer in the water to retrieve your boat.

3. Remove your boat from the water and drive your vehicle and boat to an area away from the ramp access so you do not interfere with others trying to us the ramp..

When parking your boat and trailer, please do it so that you are only taking one vehicle / trailer parking space. Any vehicle that does not have a trailer attached should park in a single vehicle parking space. Your help is greatly appreciated.