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Free Bilge Kits, Pick yours up at Folsom Lake Marina

One gallon of used oil can ruin the taste of one million gallons of fresh water.

When used oil enters Folsom Lake through boat bilge pumping, it harms the lake's ecosystem and impacts water supplies for everyone downstream. There are 9 drinking water intakes between Folsom lake and the San Francisco Bay.

How can you control your bilge oil?
Its easy.

Step One.
Go to Folsom Lake Marina's fuel dock and get your free bilge absorbent kit.

Step Two.
Place the bilge pillow (oil absorbent pillow) in your bilge.
Always check the pillow to ensure that it does not block the bilge pump or sensor.

Step Three.
When the bilge pad is saturated (e.g., it no longer absorbs oil and there is new oil in the bilge water) place it in the bucket provided. The take the old pillow to the Folsom lake Marina fuel dock and they will replace it with a new one.

Clean Boating Means:

Star Never dump raw sewage into the lake. Use floating potties, public toilets, and the Marina pump-out facility.

Star Think ahead! DON'T LET LITTER GET AWAY!!!!!

Star Use as little soap as possible and if you do use soap, use low phosphate soap.

Star Prevent fuel spills by only filling your tank to 95% full

Star Eliminate oil discharges into the lake. Use our free bilge oil kit. Always funnel oil into your engines. (Marina has free funnels) Wipe away spilled or leaking oil before heading out into open water.

This program is sponsored by:

El Dorado County Envirnmental Managemet Department
City of Folsom Public Works Department
Folsom Lake Marina
Folsom Lake Recreation Area.

Funded by a grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board.
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